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The Foreclosure Prevention Consultants at USA Real Estate Pros work to bridge the gap between those who need to sell their property FAST and those who want to buy that property NOW.   

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Short Sale Negotiation Services

What is a Short Sale?

Is a Short Sale Right For Me?

Is a Short Sale Right For Me?


A “short sale” is when a lender agrees to accept less than the amount you owe to pay off a loan as an alternative to foreclosure.  We can often convince a lender that they will benefit if they take less than what is owed now rather than taking the property back by foreclosure and trying to sell it later.

We are experienced short sale negotiators.  Our goal is to get your lender to agree to accept less than what is owed to satisfy your mortgage note.  This means when the property is sold, your debt is paid off completely.

Negotiating a short sale with your lender may take as little as 10 days or as much as 30 days to get an approval.  Once it approved, it can take 3-4 months to find a buyer and get them to the closing table.  Overall, the whole process can take 4-6 months so it is important to be patient.

The good thing is you are able to stay in the property until it has been sold to a new buyer. However, if you stay in the house, you will need to keep it in good condition and pay all utilities.  You will be notified when there is a new buyer and a closing date.  You will need to be moved out before that closing date.  While this is happening, you should start looking for a new home to move into.  You should also start packing so you will be able to move quickly once the closing date has been set.

A short sale is the final option after you have exhausted all other options.  If you are unable to make a repayment plan or if you have been denied a loan modification, call us now.  We work hard on your behalf to negotiate with your lender to get a short sale approved so you can avoid foreclosure and move on with your life. 

Is a Short Sale Right For Me?

Is a Short Sale Right For Me?

Is a Short Sale Right For Me?


Homeowners who are facing foreclosure should consider a short sale.  Getting your lender to agree to let you sell your house with a short sale will STOP THE FORECLOSURE PROCESS. It takes an experienced negotiator to get a lender to agree to this.  That's where USA Short Sale Pros comes in.

There are three main questions the lender will ask before agreeing to a short sale.

1. Are you in a serious financial hardship?  If you can prove a financial hardship due to job loss, divorce, death in the family, health conditions, or other extenuating circumstances that resulted in a loss of income, you may qualify for a short sale.  In order to prove this, homeowners must submit documentation detailing their current financial status.  Lenders will ask for information such as recent pay stubs, income tax returns, and W-2's.

2.  Have you been issued a notice of default and been unable to pay for the last 4-6 months?  Many times the short sale process can start six months after a notice of default has been issued if the homeowner is unable to make a repayment plan or does not qualify for a loan modification.

3. Is your home "under water"?  This is when the value of the property is lower than the amount that is owed on the mortgage.  For example, if your mortgage is $250,000 but your home is only appraised at $200,000, this is called "under water" and you could qualify for a short sale.

If you answered YES to these questions, contact us now.  Our experienced short sale negotiators will work on your behalf to help you avoid foreclosure.  Call us so we can analyze your situation. We are here to help.

What Do I Do Next?

Is a Short Sale Right For Me?

What Do I Do Next?


Are you ready to get started? Contact us now. Together we can help the process go smoothly. If you are in a serious financial hardship and have been issued a notice of default, you are struggling or unable to pay your mortgage, and/or you owe more than your home is worth, we could help you avoid a foreclosure.  Our job is to get your lender to agree to a short sale instead.

Your lender will require a review of your financial situation.  Most times, lenders will require you to submit the following: two months’ bank statements, two months’ pay stubs, two years IRS tax returns, and other financial information.  

The leading cause of delay (and even denial) of our short sale offer to the lender is caused by the failure to deliver these items in a timely matter.  To help us succeed with your short sale negotiation, we need your cooperation in gathering your financial information.  This will help us work faster and increase our success in getting your short sale approved.

Basic financial items that need to be submitted are:

•    Last two years’ tax returns

•    Last two years’ W-2’s

•    Two most recent months’ bank statements

•    Two most recent months’ pay stubs

•    Last two months’ financial statements (monthly bills)

•    Recent credit report

•    IRS Form 4506-T

•    Signed hardship letter explaining why you are unable to pay your mortgage.

Once we have these items, we will be equipped to negotiate a short sale on your behalf, helping you to sell your home and avoid foreclosure.  Contact us now to get your questions answered.

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