About Us

Who is USA Real Estate Pros?

USA Real Estate Pros, LLC began as a Real Estate investment company in 2007 and was re-established in 2016 in the State of Delaware.  We offer professional real estate consulting to help clients get mortgages, avoid foreclosures, and make money with solid real estate investments.

Founded by a Real Estate Investor and former AVP at Citigroup, our mission is to help clients improve their financial portfolio through Real Estate.  


Our business approach is centered on building a trusted relationship with each of our customers as we take our time to understand their needs. Each situation is different so we create a unique plan of action to help every client.

“USA Real Estate Pros constantly strives to meet and exceed our clients' needs and expectations while serving them with honesty and integrity. Our objective is to provide each client with stellar service and establish a successful long term business relationship.” 

- Mark Singleton, Sr. - Founder